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Quality & Controls

Metallurgical Microscope with photography attachment,
Profile Projectors, Salt Spray Chambers  / Scratch Test,  Coating thickness, Chemical test, Hardness testing, Magnetic particle test (Magna Flux), Ultra sonic crack detection, Mechanical properties 

1.Tensile test 2. Yield stress 3. Elongation % 4. Reduction area 5. Charpy impact test 6. Proof load 7. Torque 

SE (P) L has developed a unique Operator Quality Assurance system (OQA), where in, the operator is primarily responsible for the quality of the parts and is backed by periodic audit inspections by the supervisor / quality personnel. 

QA system ensures that the operator does not initiate any operation in the manufacturing process without the OQA chart. The OQA chart contains the details of the product inspection checks the operator must carry out every 1/2-hour interval  during the production run. This check is also carried out by the operator during product start up, after any tool / setting changes and at the beginning / end of the production shift. OQA chart is also periodically audited and certified by the production supervisor / quality personnel.
Inputs to the OQA charts are directly taken from the product control plan.

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