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Are you repeatedly ordering the same supplies, that go into the same assembly, on individual P.O.'s? Then are you receiving, handling, tracking, and paying for them separately?

If so, We can save you considerable time and money. We'll replace the many parts you manage with one - a kit.

You’ve got the message and the materials––what you now lack is the time to spend hours assembling.  Whether you need full kitting services or simple assembly help, count on Shaildeep Industries (Prop: Shaildeep Engineering Pvt. Ltd.) to guarantee the accuracy and quality assurance you need to put together and send your most important projects.

Kitting helps you free-up manpower to focus on the services or products you provide. And it can lower your inventory!

Get Something More On Nominal Cost Addition

It is not just VALUE ADDED SERVICES, We want our costumers to achieve complete excellence to manage for Small parts .

# Third Part Inspections
    “Do you need kits containing non-fastener items? We'll buy and stock them for you to include in your kits.”
# Packing & Forwarding for additional parts /Components Like Springs, Gaskets, Small Sheet Metal Components to Kits.
# On site Delivery
# Inventory Control Program
# Cost Reduction Program 
# Vendor Development
# Develop Indigenous Manufacturing

Kit Packing


  •     a. Labeled Poly bags in Corrugated Carton 
  •     b. Individual boxes with Fix qty. (ie. 50/Box or 100/Box)
  •     c. Custom Kit Packing
b. Standard Box Packing
a. Labeled Poly bags

c. Custom Kit Packing
- Made by Light weight Virgin Polymer Material.

- Various Sizes, on packing bulk/Volume requirement.

- Guide ways to fix partition at 50 mm (2”) / 100 mm (4”) distance.

- Labeling on cover at exact matching of its location.

- Adequate detail mentioned in labels for traceability to documents.

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